Why do they call it UltraSound and not UltraSee?

Ultrasounds.  My wife has been having lots of them lately.  If you’re not familiar with ultrasounds, it is the technology that enables you to see an image (in our case, a baby) that is still inside the human body.

In the waiting room before one of her ultrasound appointments, my wife got to talking to a lady who was further along in her pregnancy and she gave my wife some unsolicited advice on how to get more entertaining ultrasound results:

I always wanted to see the baby move a lot during these appointments, but every time we took an ultrasound my baby was sound asleep.  But one day, I ate a whole bar of chocolate right before going into the ultrasound room.  By the time we zeroed in on the guy, he was dancing around like a Pentecostal at a revival meeting!

I told my wife that eating chocolate prior to an ultrasound was probably not the best idea.  It would probably be safer to live vicariously through this woman’s experience than to give our own baby a sugar and caffeine rush merely for our own amusement.  So give me the chocolate instead, and I’ll dance like a circus bear.

Yay for Family Reunions!

I will be traveling to Korea next week, from May 27-31, to meet my wife and bring her back to the U.S.  On May 29, we will walk in together for an ultrasound appointment – and I am so excited.  I can’t wait to hug and kiss my wife after nearly 4 months apart.  I can’t wait to feel the tiny little bump in her abdomen.  But mostly, I can’t wait to hold her hand and lead her into the ultrasound room, the very first time that she’ll have her husband by her side for a sneak peek into our little buddy’s world.

Yeah, You’re Cute.  Sort of.

In Korea, there is this technology available known as 3D ultrasound.  It sounded pretty cool over the phone.  But then I got the first initial images via email.  What you are about to see may shock you.  Viewer discretion is advised.

My wife called this pose, “Praying Baby.” I called it, “Dr. Evil planning the New World Order. muhahaha.”

Honestly, the image is too vivid for me.  You can clearly see the head, arms and limbs beginning to form, but that’s the key word: beginning.  The image on the lower right gives him/her the most epic jawline in homo-sapien history.  And look at those kneecaps.  I even see a little bit of thigh muscle.  Gross.  This is silly, but the two masses coming together which my wife called the praying hands….I actually prayed to God that there would eventually be 10 fingers and that we wouldn’t give birth to a baby with lobster claws.

In other words, the image plays with my head and makes my already-wild imagination venture off into strange places.  Who needs drugs when you have 3D Ultrasound?

Keep It Simple, Sam

On the day that my wife found out she miscarried one of the twins, I witnessed one of the most precious ultrasounds – the surviving baby in a reclining position.  Through the baby’s relaxed posture, God seemed to be reminding me that things were going to be okay – for us, for the child we lost, and the child who remains.

dont’ worry umma and appa. i’m stil healthy and strong. trust in God.

My Wife the Dog Whisperer

my wife has also been taking pictures with dogs lately.  this dog below belongs to a family friend.  a maltese.

Hi, I’m a maltese. In a headlock.

this dog, an 18-month old shih tzu, was given to my mother-in-law.  her original name was Mini.  i thought, perfect!  but i was alone.  her parents decided to rename her Popi.  Popi is the name of our dog.  i was a bit offended.

my name is Popi, but I am not worthy to carry that name.

World, there is only one Popi and make no mistake, she resides in Chinatown Honolulu, HI.  here she is in an outfit Mini and I have affectionately dubbed, “the nightclub dress” showing off her impressive collection of clothing that she has graciously agreed to donate to this imposter-popi living in Korea.

loddy doddy i likes to party, i won’t cause trouble, i won’t bother nobody.

Sweet Pea, we will see you soon.

But this post is about ultrasounds, so i will leave you with the one that started it all.  back when this was taken, there were two peas (my wife lovingly called them her 콩s).   The image may be grainy, the two dots undefined and seemingly so impersonal.  But we love these two peas dearly, and we can’t wait to meet one of them on November 11.



2 thoughts on “Why do they call it UltraSound and not UltraSee?

  1. oh my goodness, congratulations psam! praise the Lord for your two little miracles, though one is already with the Lord. aren’t those ultrasounds so neat? i’m so excited for you to hear your little 콩’s heartbeat and see him/her through the screen. will be praying for all three of you…

  2. sam!!!! I was sooo happy to hear that you guys were expecting a baby!!! what a blessing!! but as i was reading.. made me so sad that it was suppose to be TWINS!!!! I pray for your wife b/c i’m sure it was not an easy thing for her to go through as well as you… but so thankful that baby 1 is growing healthy and strong!!! can’t wait to see more pictures and read more funny stories… you def. see this world in a different perspective and i love that!!! Congrats sam!!!!
    ps… we’re thinking of visiting hawaii early next year before emma turns 2.

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