sometimes we know not why; still we trust and obey

i love my in-laws.

they are two of the most faithful, God-fearing people that i know so the fact that i get to call them mom and dad is an added bonus, a relational cherry on top of my already-overflowing blessings.

prayer = work….but what kind?  & who’s the boss?

my mother-in-law is a woman who prays.  to her, prayer is a privilege but also a responsibility.  it is a joy while also a duty.   she is free to pray or not to pray and she chooses to pray, yet she also acknowledges the reality that true prayer is work – the work of always being about the Father’s business.

there are times when i see prayer as work of an entirely different kind.   i sometimes pray begrudgingly.  i often wonder aloud, “how long, God, how long until i see some semblance of an answer?”

sometimes we are “all prayed out.”

what a great movie.  what a great scene!  there are times when i can identify with this man who feels “all prayed out.”  but we press on.  we must.  there is no other way to live.  my mom-in-law has taught me this.

although i am the one with a master’s degree from a theological seminary, i find that my rightful place is underneath her teaching and the best posture to take while with her is one of listening.  we touched on some topics today (i originally wrote this on march 24 so some time has passed) that would make the strict biblicist shudder and cry “heresy.”

she is leaving tomorrow so how can i honor her?  by taking her & minhee out for some sushi.  tonight, we will feast at sushi ota, by far the most expensive sushi i’ve ever eaten (and paid for) but for two very important women in my life, it’s the least i could do.


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