entertainment or entering His Presence?

Last night, I attended a prayer meeting. My most lucid thoughts on God usually come in times of prayer and yesterday was no exception. As we prayed, the topic of holiness came out repeatedly. The church is the body of Christ, His holy Temple and Dwelling Place.

And we are called to be holy as He is holy. God does not make stratified rules for different levels of disciples. God’s standard of holiness applies to all.

I asked myself: what keeps us from God’s holiness? Of course, there are distractions and excuses that we easily label as worldliness, secularism, and pagan influences. I myself have gone on voluntary media fasts for seasons at a time, wishing to consecrate myself. But these periods of “set-apartness” have always been short-lived because my consecration always came with a self-imposed time limit.

I’m beginning to doubt the power of media fasts – if they are simply short term.

Everything I’ve written up to now has been thoughts swirling in my head this morning. What follows are the words I wrote down last night. As we prayed. Focusing on God’s Holiness.


Perhaps the reason why we are addicted to TV, games, K-dramas, sports is because our REAL LIVES are not exciting enough. We are pursuing a thrilling and exciting life and we are living out the thrills, excitement and adventures of celebrities, characters, actors and athletes vicariously.
Because our present reality leaves something to be desired, we are trapped in living out our existence in virtual reality. Because our actual human interactions and intimate healthy relationships are so sparse, we find solace and comfort on the internet where we long to be known and we long for intimacy and friendship. We prefer social networking through a computer screen because we are socially awkward.
Because we do not have a healthy sense of self, rooted in the Imago Dei and our Identity as children of God, we end up mimicking the lives of actresses on the latest hit drama and athletes with the fattest bank accounts. Worse yet, we sometimes outright ignore or disobey the word of God.
Oh God, make our faith LIVING again. Make our faith exciting. Inject HOLINESS into our speech, action, times of worship, fellowship. Oh, that the ACTUAL LIVES of Holy Disciples of Jesus Christ would prove more desirable, attractional and powerful than any of the imitations we have blindly idolized and followed.


Jesus, keep us near the Cross. Prepare us, Your Bride, for the Second Coming

Church, let us prepare ourselves for the wedding feast of the Lamb!.


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