my brain has a paper cut

after three consecutive days of writing papers, i’m tired and distracted.  i’m wiped out, mentally.  a list of the random things i have done:

  • yesterday, i needed a break so i went out to grab a donut.
  • today, i stalked youth kids on facebook for about 30 minutes and got tired of that.
  • on tuesday, i changed out the filters (3 of them) in my vacuum cleaner.  then, i vacuumed the crevices in my garage.  there’s something deeply satisfying with sucking spider webs, dessicated insect bodies and black widows into the vortex known as Bissell SuperLite.

just so you know, i’m writing about 6 different papers for my ordination into the mighty UMC, the United Methodist Church.   on the first paper, i was stumped by a question – and the first paper is pass/fail, aka the easiest of them all.  the question basically stated,

“if every Christian is called into ministry, why do you want to pursue ordination as opposed to being a fully devout Christian and faithfully serving the Church?

good question.  no, in fact, this is an excellent question.  anyone out there have any thoughts on this?  i read a book recently called Pagan Christianity that suggest that the clergy/laity distinction is of pagan roots and has no rightful place in the church.  ouch.  then again, everyone has an agenda and george barna (the co-author) is no different.

i’m losing motivation.  time for a donut.


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