Christ in You, Christ in Me

the idea of Christ dwelling in our hearts through faith is sometimes too big to wrap my arms around.  not by works, not by efforts, not even by my feelings, not by the newest praise song or the latest superstar preacher and his larger-than-life ministry.  faith alone.

thank God that my salvation is secured by a Savior who proves Himself altogether trustworthy and powerful and good.  i find comfort in knowing that eternal life is through the cross of Jesus Christ and not through any flavor-of-the-month gimmicks that we humans tend to toss around.  sorry if this is Christianity 101 to some of us, but sometimes, we need to master the basics before moving on to loftier heights.

my soul has been affected greatly this summer with the many programs and trips i’ve led as well as my brief separation from my wife (no, we did not separate under bad terms but any marital separation is bad i guess).  i’ve discovered faith in places i least expected it.  i’ve also discovered the beauty of remaining in Christ’s love and allowing my inner self to be filled with more of Him.

all this is to say that i think God is leading me into a season of change and transition.  what that means remains to be seen but i’ll continue to be forthright and clear.

Keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life. – Jude 21


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