His Business or My Busyness?

it’s easy to confuse ministry for Christ and intimacy with Christ.  sometimes, i get sucked into the false security that all my busy-ness amounts to spiritual growth or maturity.  a good corrective is the mary/martha story.

my conscience is clear, however, with my horrific schedule in august.  take a look:

August 3-7 – CI/TG Conference in Atlanta, GA.

August 10-15 – Youth/College Missions in Arizona

August 17-20 – Summer Youth Retreat Guest Speaking in Lake Arrowhead.

so far, so good.  i’m getting straight A’s in August: Atlanta, Arizona, Arrowhead.

if you feel like you’re just running about aimlessly and you find yourself constantly short on time, rest, energy…..pause.  God might want you to take a breather and enjoy His presence – His programs will be just fine with or without you.

i’ve spent pretty much the entire summer apart from my wife so my first order of business when ministry slows down is to get away for a few days with my beloved.  it’s always good to get renewed and recharged.


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