i must kill the sports fan(atic) within me


how much longer will we throw our time, money and energy to something that is so utterly meaningless in the grand scheme of things?

america’s infatuation with sports: a comedy or tragedy – or both?

i find it ironic that a sport known for its brutality (by far, the #1 draw for men ages 18-34, MMA) is stricter on performance enhancing drugs (PED) than the big three (mlb, nfl, nba).  they even ban their own champions.

W.W.J.D.? – who would Jesus demolish? (???)

apparently, some folks in the church have caught on to the MMA buzz and are now teaching people how to become ultimate fighters for Jesus Christ.  there’s a lot i could say about this, but the child(ish) side of me is reminded of playground days but instead of comparing dads, it’s deities: my god could beat your god’s a**.

eat your share of humble pie, dodger fans.

while i have followed the dodgers from my youth, i am not the least bit sad by the manny saga.  don’t believe everything you read but at the same time, don’t believe everything you hear.

art imitates life

some of the more memorable movies in recent years portray America during periods of adversity and trial.  many of these films of the feel-good genre have a common protagonist – a sports icon…

  • are we feeling insecure about the rising tide of the iron curtain of the communist east?  we upset them in the 1980 olympics and we call it a miracle

the 1930’s were marked by the Great Depression and incredible suffering in our nation.  but who (or what) brought us hope and assurance?  move over FDR & your new deal

  • a pugilist whose story one-ups the boring “rags-t0-riches” arc in that he went from “riches-to-rags-and back to-riches.” as violent as his vocation is, we give him a girly nickname.

so, now what?

i recently saw a movie that messed me up big time: click here at your own risk <–dont’ worry, it’s not a virus or porn (but if you struggle with the latter, click here to access the #1 porn site for Christians).

i don’t know.  my eyes weep and my heart literally hurts.  why am i so blessed and privileged?  why is it that my new year’s resolution is to lose a few inches off my gut when my own people (my백성) probably could never understand “weight loss” as being a good thing?

and every single year, i throw away so much money into the offering basket of sports and i lay my life upon the altar of leisure and entertainment.

according to the smart people who write really big books (i.e. dictionary), the word “sport” is of Middle English origin and is a shortening of the word disport which means: to amuse oneself in a light, frolicsome manner. if you’re a sports fan(atic) like i am, stand up, raise your right hand and repeat after me: I,(enter your name), like to amuse myself in a light, frolicsome manner. blushing, embarrassment, and conviction of heart are expected, and good, side effects.  repeat this sentence in public for greater efficacy.

closing prayer  and my 결심

oh God, give the Christians of this nation one magnificent obsession, namely YOU – that we would behold You, reflect You, treasure You, share You, worship You alone.  let the frolicsome manner with which we live our lives cease and grip our hearts and minds with a passion for Your Glory. amen and amen.


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