reflections on freedom ’08

while only one day removed from an intense mountain-top experience, i still think it worthwhile to write down a few memorable moments from our most recent winter retreat.

– one of the keys to freedom ’08: the intercessory prayers of all the parents and grandparents from kumc.

– more than any other activity, prayer & praise broke me down.  at times, i moaned and wailed like an overgrown idiot…stuff even i didn’t know was inside of me came out (i’m not talking about demons or spit….more like the deep inner groanings of the heart and how they were just reaching up to heaven.  as deep calls unto deep…)  prayer and praise will become a more integral part of LinC Ministry in the coming year.

– the nine-hour bus ride up to cedar lake was not as bad as i thought.  God’s grace was evident even from that first unexpected change in our schedule.

– more than any other retreat in the past, i relied heavily upon the shoulders & quick thinking of jason im.  it’s a good thing that jason is a mature and stellar servant leader.  in many ways, the pupil has surpassed the master and for this i am grateful.

– i loved the fact that p.scott brought two members of his ministry along – for prayer support. i was reminded of the glorious story of Moses, Aaron and Hur.

– on saturday afternoon, p.david led a workshop on boundaries for the high school youth.  from what everyone has been saying, p.david brought his A game and really gave some powerful insights and words of wisdom to the kids….which led me to realize, holy smokes, this was his first time preaching to the youth of our church!!!  why didn’t i invite him sooner?  i must be crazy or dumb or both.

– pastor scott oh brought his A game as well.  his sunday morning workshop on Hearing God’s Voice….praise the Lord.  so powerful.

liz limm was pretty much on-call the entire time.  praise God for her EMT training because her presence was absolutely vital for freedom ’08.

– 8th grade boys flying out of refrigerators is no longer theoretical; this retreat proved that such moments can and do happen when all the perfect ingredients are rolled together.

– jon song attempted to break my right shin with an ice ball.  i think i will pay him back during the senior trip (white water rafting).

– i think that God has been pressing my heart to go on a journey for a while now.  i’ve been too chicken little but after freedom ’08, i feel compelled unto joyful obedience.

more thoughts to come later…..


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