it’s official: i’m as sick as a 원숭이

so, my body’s been fighting off a cold for the past week and this morning, the cold virus won.  i am now in bed after making myself some amazing shin cup ramen for breakfast.  i upgraded it with an egg but the water wasn’t hot enough to cook the yolk – it’s all good, i put some rice in that bad boy and finished it off.

i couldn’t make it out to staff meeting this morning.  many of you ask me, “what do you do during the week?”  this is a fair question to ask of pastors.
bankers………. bank.
students………. study.
dry cleaners………. dry clean.
analysts………. analyze.
pastors……….pasteurize?  are we secretly responsible for producing quality milk for this nation?

what the heck do we do????

some questions i’ve received in the past –
do i read the Bible all day and pray?
– no, i do not.  i do have set times to do both on a daily basis – they are early in the morning and at night before i sleep.  but that’s still not accounting for, like, 16 hours.

do i wear a suit everyday?
– no.  i have normal human clothing that’s actually comfortable and wearable.  i just like punishing myself on the Lord’s Day.

do i prepare sermons all week long?
– no.  (if i answered “yes” you would probably think, then why do your messages suck eggs? hahaha!!!)
– i prepare my messages on wednesday nights and thursday.

other things i do:
– i attend staff meetings every tuesday, usually from 9:30am up until lunch time.
– i try to meet with at least one adult leader in the youth ministry, one youth council member, and one student every week – that’s a minimum of 3 meetings per week.  i do this so i can find out ways to encourage and equip everyone to serve God more faithfully.
– i send out 70-100 emails a week.  they range from quick one-liners to epic sagas but they usually all have a point.
– i read – and not just the stuff i agree with.  i love reading books and magazines on theology, history, current events.  i also read blogs….lots of blogs.  some of the blogs i read are created by psychotic anti-Christ bozos but hey, i gotta keep up with the movers and shakers, right?

things i don’t do:
– with the exception of wii fit, i no longer play video games – just a mature, respectful agreement arranged between my wife and my scared inner child.

things i try not to do:

– get sick.


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